Nice……Golf Co?

Nice……Golf Co?
Here we are about a week from launch, so we want to share the history our journey thus far. 

So, how did we get here? Great question…how did any of us get here?  We could go way back through cosmic science to the big bang, or to the moment our parents got that glimmer in their eye (the big bang we don’t talk about), but for the purpose of this post, we will start with how did Nice get here.  Well like any good origin story, Nice started with simple beginnings a few buds and a few cocktails on the golf course. 

The golf course is a special place for us. Its a place to challenge ourselves while spending quality time with each other.  Great friends with few distractions other than the damn ball, the giant field, and the tiny cup you are supposed to conquer 18 times!!  As golf fans we always sought out apparel that represented us, with a tendency to support niche’ brands.  Some of those brands over the years have become mainstream and some continue to put out great products and tell their own unique, maybe unheralded stories. They are the inspiration that lead to our epiphany: Instead of looking  for the next cool new brand to try to identify with, why not create our own? A brand that represents us and people like us.  With that idea came our first attempt at a T-shirt, and the Nice Golf Co. was born! 

We have spent the past twelve months working on the brand: Gathering samples, building prototypes, creating images and content, assembling a product line, building our website, warehousing, logistics, shipping,  but all the while dropped teasers to our amazing friends and family.  What started as an idea, turned into a hobby, and is now on the verge of becoming something real!  We are super excited to have you join us on this journey.  We hope to engage you as we grow our brand and continue to develop products that are Nice.

To wear our products is more than just to support us. We hope you also embody the brand’s missions as you wear our products, #beNice, #playNice and #lookNice, the world can always use a little more Nice… matter how Nice it already is……See you post Launch.

The Nice guys.

  Neil, Alan, Dana, Spencer